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starting out all over again

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hello friends, a quick intro .. I'm taking delivery of a new XSR700 in next week or so. I have put a pic up in album "mybike" - so a bit about me .. I'm starting out all over again ... I rode some 6 Years ago on my 1st bike a suzuki GSF500 (2007 model) - we had a big earthquake here in Christchurch & my bike like so many others went over a got damaged. After an insurance repair job and lots of post earthquake stress - house ... I sold it. It's 31st December as I write.. in a few hours time the clock will roll into 2017 - so here we go.. I gotta get my confidence back and will do a ride forever course (8 hour ride and learn for newbies like me) - after that.. looking forward to joining a club for some weekend day trips and my own stuff. The bike is LAMS approved, ABS - gunmetal silver. My test ride was good, I liked the seating position and the bike seemed easy on turns .. looked at lots of online reviews & interesting how differing views - better to make up ones own mind i think! enough said .. will update once I actually take delivery and 1st ride ;-) cheers & happy New Year out there..
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Welcome back to the land of two wheels! I can understand the refresher course as I feel a bit rusty after the winter season so I need to get back into the groove every spring.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the XSR700.

Have you started thinking about what modifications and accessories you want to get to start and then some time down the road?
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