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Stalking for Weeks

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Hi guys!

new to the forum and to owning and am looking to pick up my xsr700 this week. I have been stalking this forum reading everything and anything (mainly on exhausts) :p so I can see everyone's customisations. I will hopefully customise my own >:)

Already decided on putting an SC Project exhaust although I would have loved it if I could put a HP Corse exhaust on it. they sound amazing on the scrambler

Anyway just wanted to say hi to all

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Welcome and congrats! Exciting picking up a new bike. :)

Good choice with the SC Project. They make excellent exhausts. I just wish they had a removable baffle on the 2-1 they market for the XSR700. The other MT-07 ones will fit though so you can also look into them.
haha been having trouble sleeping or even concentrating at work from the over excitement

hmm thats not something i was aware of but deffo something to consider, thanks. Ill run the bike in and then put on an exhaust so will probably hunt around.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase....what colour have you gone for??
Welcome to the forums and congratulations :)

Can't wait to see some pictures and hopefully some vids !
Hey Yamahboy got the 60th anniversary Kenny Roberts colours but im looking to vinyl wrap the tank in a dark blue.

Thanks all. Just waiting to break the bike in with the stock exhaust. Took her out to get the mileage up. having lovely autumn weather in London at the moment


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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