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How do people feel about a spotted thread? If you see another XSR700 on the road, post in here to see if they are members of the forum!

I always see a green one parked up in Charing Cross most days, anyone own it?
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This is genius ! Always a great way to try and connect with others in your area even more! Spot someone, snap a photo OR just list the time of day and describe the bike and where at, and see if the member replies and says it was them :)
nice, let's play to hunt the bike

I have some spotted in Barcelona :)

Let's start:
I've seen a 60th anniv. Yellow one 1 or 2 weeks ago in Barcelona - Av. Diagonal exit, next to RACC headquarters and Cervantes Parc, around 8.30-9am...
I was behind him but I was car driving :frown2:
got you
this is a sneaky one, I didn't want to reveal myself getting closer :grin2:


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LOL @alvaro took this to a whole new level. This is gonna start of wave of ninja spotting haha !
you've been spotted
another one found in Barcelona, carrer Pamplona


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