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Southern New Hampshier here

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HI all, I will be picking up my new 2018 aluminum colored XSR tomorrow. Super excited. have a few questions, does anyone know where i can get the all Silver (yamaha) Akrapovic high mount exhaust in the States? and does anyone not in the states have a brown sea they want to sell? mine only has the brown in the little spot on the back, but i would like it on the front too.

nice to meet ya all
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Welcome to the forum man, and congrats on the XSR. For whatever reason that exhaust seems to be hard to locate in the states, as most of the websites seem to indicate Australia. Only site I've come across so far is this one, but that's not the full silver system.
Welcome and grats on the new XSR700! There's always the option of asking your local akra seller if they can order one for you as they probably have a higher chance of getting their hands on one. There's ebay, but I'm usually wary of that place.
yeah ill keep my eye out. i can get the one with the black end can but ide rather do the all silver
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