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Son Of Time: Ironwood's XSR700 Cafe Racer

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Hey guys,

I don't know if this got posted yet but I couldnt find any topics about it. Also, I tried to post this under news, but it appears I cant post there yet.

Anyway, did you guys see the Son Of Time custom yard build XSR700? It's a colaboration between Ironwood Custom Motorcycles and the watch brand TW Steel, and of course it makes my Dutch heart swell a little with pride.

I have a pic below, but you can find a full article with more images here:


What do you like or dislike about this bike? Personally I think there is a lot to like. Some of the things that jump out to me are the rims, air filters, upside down front suspension (from an MT-10 I believe) and the headlight. The handlebar indicators are a nice touch as well.

Your thoughts?


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The combination of red and black is nice, but the design takes away from the XSR700's classic look.
What a nice looking bike!! Our xsr is so versatile!! I like it and I'd photograph it if seen on a roadside, but I think its style is too "cafè racer", so I wouldn't buy it for myself. It probably is so uncomfortable while riding! Thanks for sharing Daniel! ;)
No problem! Hope you enjoy it.
I feel the same, however there are some elements I wouldn't mind seeing on mine as well ;) But 2,5k for rims might be taking it a bit to far eh? ;D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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