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Smaller number plate

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Ok, so I'm a naughty boy. Before my xsr I had a Harley. I had a show plate which really wasn't legal, the lettering was clear just a little small...it looked awesome though. I want to do the same or something similar on my xsr and wondered if any of you good people had changed their number plate? I think I'll do a tail tidy too, I like the look of the evotech one.
And maybe some different mirrors, and then it's well on the way.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
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I've had 7x5 plates on my sports bikes - did the same for the xsr but decided it looked out of sync with the bike. Settled on a 8x6 which looks legal but smaller than the standard 'sign board'!
7 x 5 and looks perfect for me, no issues at all...yet haha.... was going for the evotech tail tidy, but decided to go the short rear end route...single seat purchased and i'll be messing around with it over Xmas.
Thanks for the replies folks. I think the smaller option will look so much better especially with the tail tidy. Glad I'm not the only naughty one here! ?
Couldn't possibly comment🤣
I have evotec tail tidy and reckon the bike throws a lot more road crap up at you past that and the number plate, my helmet was filthy after a ride out last week. It looks loads better though
Crazy how big some of your plates are. We're lucky here in Australia. Ours are about as big as your hand.
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