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Should I?

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Had a ducati scrambler for the last 12 months and while it's been a great bike I do feel the build quality was not very durable. The bikes now gone but 2 weeks ago it dumped a full tank of fuel all over the engine and my leg at 40/50mph! Well scary, it ending up been a fractured clip from the fuel pump. If this wasn't under warranty it could of cost a small fortune and I recon it was due to an increase of vibration throughout the bike that not only drove me mad and put me off riding. I took the bike in for them to check and they said it was normal but when putting in first when cold the bike would lunge forward and cut out (clutch adjustment was spot on) and a horrible noise coming from the clutch area when warm! Plus stripped threads, oil leak etc
Anyway I got rid and am no after a new bike and my list is:
Triumph bonneville old air cooled
Yamaha xsr700/900
Harley 48 (had one already but it is well cool and **** at the same time)
Triumph street twin

What do you think? Are you happy with your xsr?
What's good what's bad? Are they ok 2 up?

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forum. Of course we are going to tell you that the xsr is the best bike of all. A lot of us had to make a choice over those. In the end only you can decide. That being said, the xsr is original, fun (really fun), less expensive, customisable and it's reliable (Mt07). Try it!
Hi Armo,

I don't have much experience with many types of bikes, I've only ridden Honda CBR, Honda CB750, Suzuki GS, MT-07 and the XSR.
The MT-07 and the XSR is by far the best bikes I've tried. The engine is full of power and the bike is very light and nimble. I've taken my XSR out for a couple of longer trips and it feels great.
I would recommend that you go and try one, if you haven't yet.
I'm very happy with my purchase at least.
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Best advice is - try one first, i find the bike great, no complaints yet except the saddle is a little hard, might just be me, but best try first.


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Hi mate, Welcome to the forum. I used to own Triumph Street triple before i bought xsr. Its a lovely little bike, quite easy to manoeuvre very nimble. Its a fun bike to ride. You won't regret it.
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Just in case it helps: I had a 2014 air cooled Boneville before the 700 and I don´t regret a single second... it is a much better bike. More or less same ergonomics.

They say the Street Twin is better, but still in every review video I have seen where the XSR and the Sreet Twin are alltogether, the XSR is the better bike.

About the looks, it is up to you and what do you prefeer. :)
Hi, how is the power compared to the
triple? I'm certainly warming to the xsr, and I think the 700 looks better thane the 900.
Hi, are the bonnevilles slow on power compared to the xsr? do you recon it could handle 2 up better than the xsr?
You don´t feel it is less powered, maybe because the Boneville has one less gear and revs up quie less than the XSR, so it release the power well and fast. BUT, the bonnie was around 100kg more than the XSR and despite being lower, in some situations it was harder to get the bike steady.

Apart you have to consider the double breacking disk infront the XSR has and the bonnie don´t. And the ABS of coure, that makes a huge diference in my opinion.
I tried a Street Twin before the XSR. If you want the classic lines, Triumph 'pedigree', great sounding exhaust and lots of low down torque, then it's a winner. But, IMHO, the XSR is far more fun to ride, looks cool and handles superbly. It's also cheaper.
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