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Short spin in Surrey/Hampshire on Sunday evening (18th)

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General idea: Short spin to blow the cobwebs away, in the evening when the traffic has died down and it's all peaceful-like. Not too far, not too fast!

Time: Sunday 18th, probably around 1800h or so until around dusk.

Surrey/Hampshire. Perhaps Loomies to Box and back, or something.

Riders: Myself, and possibly one or two of my friends

Anybody who fancies it! Won't be anything spectacular, but if you're at a loose end and want a short laid-back ride to finish the weekend on a high, you're more than welcome!
Thinking mostly of the local folk - @Chris Gibson , @mattswan2512 , @Neil Atkinson , @spaceman , @ScottyH (Apologies if I've missed you out - just ran a quick search for "Surrey" and "Hampshire" and copied and pasted names across..)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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