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Short rear-end

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Hey guys,

Ever since I got my licence I have been drooling over some mods I found online for XSRs with a cleaned and short rear end. You could remove the rear hoop and fit a solo seat, but then you still have a large piece of fender sticking out. Most tail tidies take into account you use the original (long) fender.

I was wondering if it would be possible with the following wishlist;

- I would like to be able to return it to stock, so no cutting or drilling in frames or pans.
- I would like to retain the taillight because I think it's one of the features that defines this bike.
- I would like to use the single seat, and have just a small piece of fender stick out with the taillight on top of it. An S2 concept tail tidy would be ideal, but only for blinkers and licence plate light. Perhaps I could buy a replacement fender with existing holes for the taillight which I could cut to fit towards the front, so I can restore it with the original fender when I want.

I am inspired by Smoked Garage with their Excelsior, and by S2 concept, but i'm not sure if this would be possible without cutting or drilling.
smokedgarage. com.au/project/excelsior
moto-journal. fr/news/yamaha-xsr-700-preparee-s2-concept/
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I am in the same boat. I would love a chopped rear option that retains the fender and tail light. Just to inform you, though, the S2 Concept tail tidy requires you to cut the black plastic underneath the fender. I have it and can tell you that it is quality. I noticed that Yoshimura has a similar mount to their tail tidy that requires cutting the plastic, too.
Thanks! The S2 is on top of my wish list. How much cutting is involved? Are you still able to mount the original parts back when you want to revert it?
Thanks! The S2 is on top of my wish list. How much cutting is involved? Are you still able to mount the original parts back when you want to revert it?
It involves cutting the thick ABS plastic in a "U" shape underneath the fender to separate it from the bike and expose the mounting holes for the tail tidy. You're not just cutting it, you're cutting it off so consider it permanent.
Yesterday I sent S2 an email asking if they could provide me with a manual for installing the mount. This morning I found a reply containing a (French) manual together with pictures.

The pictures weren't entirely clear to me, but would you say the part in which you cut would be part nr 23 on this diagram? https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/2016-xsr700-motorcycles/fender

If so, I know I can order a new one for 80 euro's when I screw up :D
If I can help... I speak french :D
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If I can help... I speak french :D
Much appreciated! Although I think I can manage with my high school French and a couple of years of holidays (it's such a beautiful country!). If I get stuck I'll give you a shout out!
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