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Shifting gears

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New XSR 300 Km, yesterday sometimes when downgrading speeds from the 3 down i had to release a bit of the clutch in order to engage...
Had anyone had this problem??

Sweet rides everyone...
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Yes, mine's a bit reluctant to change down sometimes - particularly when stopped at junctions or traffic lights. I'm guessing the gearbox will free itself up with higher mileage.
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It happens when you skip gears in down shifting. Many motorcycles do that. I have 5200 km and it still does it. I think it is written in the manual, not to skip gears as all motorcycles have serial gear box .
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Thank you guys... More relaxed now...
My bike (+- 800km) also has problems shifting down.
Mostly (or only) when stopping at a red light and still being in for example 3rd gear and then trying to go down to 1.

Sure you just have to learn to live with this?
I think it's really annoying!
When I see the red light from far enough there's no problem (I can shift down one by one breaking on the engine), but how often does it actually happen you have to stop more suddenly? A lot!
It's not a nice feeling having to hurry up with cars behind you when the lights are turning green (you have to loosen the clutch or turn the gas a little bit to get to 1 eventually).

I have to go to my dealer soon for my first maintenance (1000km) and will ask him...
It is because the gears in the XSR are constant mesh. if you are stopped and the gear will not change (especially to neutral) push the bike forward or back a couple of inches to relieve the pressure that the engaged gears have against each other.
I am experiencing this on my new XSR. It becomes quite dangerous sometimes when in tight situations in a big city licke i live in. Will try what ryano wrote and return with the results.
I’ve been caught out by this once. If you stop in 3rd you do need to let out the clutch a little to change down. At least it’s taught me to always use the gears and engine braking to slow down as well as the brakes. It takes a bit of practice but rev matching downshifts whilst on the brakes is really satisfying when you get it right and a skill worth investing in
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