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Shed Built

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Since I wasn't invited to "Yard Built",I've started my own,"Shed Built"...invite must have got lost,especially since I built the World trickest Fazer 600.
Anyway,that's history,and I've just picked up a year old,2000 mile XSR700 for 2/5ths of new(stolen/recovered). Ripped it to bits yesterday,got a full diesel,brush down to remove the dirt,took everything off that's not required,had a rummage through the loft for Fazer bits(I've got some 1 off bits from yesteryear) and put a plan together where we're going with this.
Was going to build a commemorative bike for my Uncle Bill Rae,who competed in 33 TT Races(3 x podiums,2 on Yamaha TZs),but as I've picked up a 60th Anniversary model,thinking going down the Kenny Roberts route,mainly as I don't want to repaint the tank covers!
Bought a pair of aftermarket clip on handle bars off a Suzuki SV650 and a Gilles clock mount as the bars have been removed a stuck a Shark '4 shooter' can on with a MOKO hanger to see how it looks(needs to go back a bit,for the mid pipe-was just going to cut and use the standard headers).
So,it's back to work,awaiting the postman,more to follow...


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