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Looks sick! Will you give us a ride-report after you've logged some KMs on it? Interested to hear your thoughts on how it changes (if it changes?) the handling of the bike...
Bluff view_bw by gnarlydog, on Flickr

First 400Km with the new set up (Bridgestone AX41 front) are positive, very.
The steep steering angle is now slacker and the twitchiness I would sometimes feel on dirt roads (and badly paved ones) is gone. I feel that the bike rolls over ditches easier and is more stable.
On pavement there is a bit of a buzz at very low speeds (under 30Km/h) but fine at cruising. I don't feel any more vibration than what the CP2 engine gives.
Now, the rear tyre is a Motoz Tractionator Adventure and that one howls at speed :( Earplugs are a must but that is given since I ride with MX style helmets and wind noise is bad anyway.

To install the taller tyre I needed to raise the mudguard which required new brake hoses (one to each caliper)

Big tyre_1_DVZ_2829 copy by gnarlydog, on Flickr
321 - 340 of 369 Posts