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Scorpio alarm

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Does anyone on here have a Scorpio alarm on their XSR? I had my first XSR700 stolen so splurged on a Scorpio alarm and last night it went rogue. The alarm started around 10pm and no matter what I did it wouldn't turn off. Turns out it has drained the battery and that has triggered a back-up alarm. So I was in my pajamas in the dark trying to unbolt the battery and unplug the Scorpio to turn it off as nothing else was working. I am very popular with the neighbours in my new apartment building now. The Scorpio drained my battery once before but the alarm didn't trigger that time.
Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Also, um, wrench life question: I could undo the negative battery connector easily enough but the positive one is really hard to get to and to unbolt. Has anyone else experienced this (in the dark, late at night, with only the toolkit spanner on hand)?
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Sorry can't help but -don't hate me- I appreciated your story :p :)
I'd like to set an alarm and/or a GPS tracker on my forest green too, but I would really like this kind of moments, or just having my battery totally drained out :(
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