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Hi guys. Just wanted to quickly introduce my xsr to you. Got it this May brand spanking new. I am a Croatian living in Germany, Hamburg and I always wanted to join this forum but never had time to do so.
Now at vacation so decided to join and show you my evil black machine. Still considering a lot of mods to do but I will take it easy and enjoy it as much as I can.

Mods installed:
Yamaha fly screen
Gilles Yamaha break and clutch levers
Evotech headlight protector
Evotech crash bobbins
Evotech front and back fork sliders
Yamaha tank pad
Yamaha fork protectors
Yamaha front and back LED turn signals

While we are at the mods is there anyone familiar with roadsitalia or GPR exhausts on xsr? I am really looking forward for your input.
Anyways enough typing, I have to get back to my caipirinha 馃馃徎馃槑 cheers!


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....and radiator guard + side panels too! Welcome to the forum. Have a look at the exhaust threads - I'm sure there are folk here who have fitted the GPR exhaust.
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