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Rizoma Accessory Line for XSR700 and 900

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Rizoma just published their accessory line for our XSRs (700 + 900)


XSR700 accessories only : http://www.rizoma.com/street/yamaha/yamaha-xsr-700-xsr-700-abs-2016/en

I quite like the front mudguard and the tail tidy (without the mudguard) but I was expecting a bit "more" (radiator guard, fairing, ...)

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Interesting! Quite a few things on there that looks nice: Tail tidy and some of the mirrors and blinkers. (What is that piston looking thing next to some of the mirrors btw?)

Nice to see some more accessories coming.
Really like those Lux handlebars. Looks super classy but fitting for the bike
That's a very extensive list of XSR700 accessories. Not quite sure why but I like the look of the Class Retro mirrors.
Hi Goggles, I fitted the black Class Retro mirrors on mine, very happy with the result.
The quality is great, really happy with the purchase !

Pics visible : http://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/7...do-your-yamaha-xsr-700-today-5.html#post22138
Just fitted their short tail tidy. Very pleased with the result, qualtiy is superior. Just the stupid packaging was seriously going to drive me nuts.


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