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Hi, I´m new on the forum and a brand new owner of a XRS700 -16. It had only 227 km (approx. 150 miles) on the odometer, believe it or not, so it is not run in yet. The other day I rode it home 600 km from the NE part of Sweden (ok, from the NE part of the south part of the country, to be more precise) to the SW part in lovely spring weather. It was the first warm day of the year so many of the lakes I passed were still covered with ice and snow. Spectacular!
To my question: Would it be wise to run the engine in a bit more and let it have e.g. 2000 km on the road before I attach the Mivv Ghibli exhaust I just ordered? I am eager to get it on because, as someone else in another thread has written, this bike is in bad need of a more open exhaust. It is too **** quiet! My question is obviously touching the question if it is necessary to do alterations with the ECU after having done it. But is that not necessary only if you change the air filter?


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