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Recall letter - Chain gaurd fixings

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Anyone else had the recall letter regarding the chain guard fixings? Mine actually came out and while back and were replaced. Other than asking the dealer, who I think is a bit of a **** how can I find out if my issue was reported back to Yamaha?
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the mot check service doesnt have any recall deets for my bike, it tells me to see the yamaha dealer instead.
My letter came the day after my 600 mile service.. I thought it was a welcome / thank you letter which would also have the breakdown / assistance number... anyone know when I can expect that?
I got my letter today it says it only affects the 2018 models... I will be calling my dealer first thing in the morning to see what the deal is i just dropped it off for the 1600km service so hopefully get two birds stoned at once
The recall is about the length of the spacers that "locate" the plastic chain guard. I allied the dealership where I bought mine from and told that it needed updating. I took my bike back today and it was explained about he spacer length. I took the kit (pictured) home and tried to fit it. I have the Aluminium chain guard fitted and realised that the spacers are not required.
Hope this helps.


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Chain guard recall

Hi All,
I got a text re chain guard recall. Took my bike back into moto yamaha Nerang on the goldcoast. Sorted in ten mins no dramas at all!
Hope you all have easy fixes too.
Just got my recall letter today, I live in New Jersey
It's not an issue... they changed the spacers and now the chain guard is no longuer maintained :(
The length of the new spacers is larger than the old one !
I will go back to the dealer to pick up the old spacers...
Contacted my dealer. They did not seem to know about the recall. They will call me back when they have the parts, which I assume will be the larger spacers. The first thing I did upon receiving the recall notice was check the chain guard. It is NOT loose. It should be pointed out, however, that failure to follow recall instructions could result in loss of warranty.
Just had recall done... now chain guard is not snug , it has a little play in it due to new spacers.
Booked mine in to get done in September. The originals are not loose but i might drop a bit of nut-lock on the threads to be sure.
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