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Rear Shock

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Ok so just want to put it out there and ask the question:

Has anyone cross checked the part numbers for the replacement rear shocks on our bikes? (Nitron/Ohlins)

I'm wondering if and surely there must be another shock, even from another manufacturer possibly, with some adjustability that will bolt into the XSR at a fraction of the cost of a brand new fully adjustable one?? I can't imagine that the suspension companies would make a brand new setup for every model of bike that is made! There might be some hidden cheap shocks laying around wrecking yards we could use??

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Old thread I know but - does anyone know if the Tracer has the same shock as the MT/XSR700? I had a feeling the two weren't compatible (Tracer longer)?
Jepp, Tracer rear shock is longer and spring rate is different.
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