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Really 14L?

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So I just filled up after it ran out warming up in my drive way. It only took 12 litres (3.2 gallons).

I got 262km (164 miles) around town which works out to be 4.6L/100km (51mpg) - very good. Trip computer said 4.8L/100km (49 mpg) which I say is close enough (~250km from 12L).

Given the numbers (14L/4.8L/100km) I'd expect to get closer 290km though. I was testing the reserve and got to 50km. I was expecting empty at 80km so I was going to fill up on my way to work this morning. Very lucky I ran out in the drive way.

What happened to the other 2 litres?

My first hypothesis is measurement error - but the trip computer matches close enough.

My next hypothesis is that it can't pickup the bottom 2 litres while on the side stand. I didn't think to test this at the time.

My next hypothesis is that it can't be filled up to 14L while on the side stand i.e. you got sit on the bike to fill her up (dangerous/illegal).

Any thoughts?
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I have wondered about this myself...
I never got so far that I actually ran out, but last week I drove about 40km on the TripF counter (about 300km total since last fill) and I could only fill up 11.1 litres after that.

I usually drive very economically, so that the onbord computer says 3.9 l/100km, and when I calculated it myself I got around 3.6l/100km (dividing the nuber of liters the gas station claims by the kilometers on the trip counter).

I think the reason could be that in the hole where you fill the tank, there is quite a long piece/tube going down into the tank about 4cm. Is this meant to be filled to the top? Because I just fill until the gas is just at the bottom of this piece, could be that there are two more litres at the top of the tank? What is the purpose of this part?

Not sure if that explanation is understandable at all though...
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Expansion chamber

The metal insert is designed to create fuel vapour expansion space in the tank so that warmed fuel/vapours don't escape from the tank as they expand. It's an EU requirement on all cars and bikes. US models often don't have this insert, so have a little more tank capacity. You should only fill to the bottom of the insert.
Book says to fill to bottom of that tube

So the book says to fill to the bottom of the filler tube. See attached. A bit of reading online suggests tanks usually have extra capacity to allow for expansion that is not included in the advertised tank size.

The book also says the reserve is 2.7L which means at 4.8L/100km I should get around 56km. I got just over 50km on reserve so that's about right. Seems like a sensible reserve size too.

I think the accurate 2.7L reserve debunks my theory that it can't reach the bottom of the tank when on the side stand. It's unlikely that they'd list the reserve as 2.7L when it's really 4.7L.

The book says not to fill up on the bike and I saw a terrifying video of an attendant spilling fuel on the engine and igniting the rider in a ball of flames.

So my guess is as you say, that it has a 12L tank with 2L allocated for expansion, that the don't recommend you use. Unlike other manufactures they are counting 2L of air in their tank size. Bummer.

Looks like I'll have to stop hooning if I hope hit 300km. Well done! That is more efficient than my old 250!


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I would have thought that it was 2L reserve so you don't get stranded on the road, similar to cars.
Well, since this topic already exist, i have to ask you guys.
How many km can you do on full tank until reserve notification will pop up?

For me its surprisingly just about 160-170km, i am not really sure how many i could do running on reserve (dont want to get stuck somewhere!), but there seems to be still enough gas.
Computer consumtion is steady at 5.4L/100km (i'm heavy and accelerating a lot)

I should be really fine to ride up to min. 200km on full tank, just the stupid reserve is bothering me!

I've done over 40km with reserve.
Today I got 50.9km off the reserve tank, giving me a total of 305km a tank. Not that I plan to let it get to that again. What a scary feeling!
Next time I'm going to fill up earlier and not be a hero. No close service stations and no phone reception makes for a very nervous rider. Luck I had friends riding who would have bailed me out if it came to that, but nobody wants to ruin the ride for everyone else.
I've done a full 62 km with reserve. My trip calculator gives me a 4.8 lt/100kms consumption. I usually do aprox 280 kms on a tank.
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I get about the same. 'Steady' mixed riding puts the fuel light on at about 146 miles (235km), giving a range of about 175 miles (280km). I've ridden 25 miles (40km) on reserve, just beginning to panic! It's then that you realise just how many rural petrol stations have disappeared in recent years!
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I've done a full 62 km with reserve. My trip calculator gives me a 4.8 lt/100kms consumption. I usually do aprox 280 kms on a tank.
How much fuel did it take to get to the bottom of the filler cap after the 62kms?
Unfortunately I am not sure, I don't remember if I filled it up
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Did 290 kms with 12 lt. I filled it with the reserve showing 47 kms. And refilling was at the same point.
Filled my tank up for the first time, got about 0.7 litres in after the fuel was level with the bottom of the filler cap. Bike was on it's side stand.
I’m getting about 120 miles to a tank?? That’s not good!
I think the 14 L comes from someone filling an empty tank at R&D to see how much it actually holds. Mind you if they use CATIA to design the tank the software should automatically tell them! This obviously doesn't take into account the necessary hardware inside the tank to actually make the bike go!!
I haven't had the opportunity to check fuel consumption accurately as yet but filling up to the same level each time and setting the trip is as accurate as anyone is going to get without any fancy equipment.
I always fill the tank sitting on the bike with it level. how is this dangerous? This way I can fit in an extra litre or two.
If you spill petrol the result can be deadly in a worst case senario.

I did 230km on 8.3lit yesterday.
I’m getting about 120 miles to a tank?? That’s not good!
That is what I got just before the odometer started blinking and counting up. My average is 50 mpg, so I was expecting better.
I get about 125 miles until the odometer starts blinking. Per fuelly, the biggest tank I've gotten so far was 175 miles, with about 45 on "F trip" -- didn't have time to get gas since I had to catch a ferry, and then the gas station on the other side was randomly closed, so I had to go another ten miles. I was driving extremely conservatively to make it all last. Put in 3.33 gallons while filling up after that. So far (1000 miles in) I average about 53 mpg and about 135-140 miles per tank before filling up.
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