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When I purchased my XSR the dealer gave me some parts in a bag without any real explanation of what they are, and they didn't install any additional parts on the bike. I've figured out some of them by looking at parts diagrams and forum posts, but still am wondering about the others...

(2) 46mm o-rings: these are used as retainers that hook onto little hooks under the metal seat bracket that the passenger grab handle attaches to. For retaining the tool kit.

(1) 120mm rubber strap: used to retain document pouch and/or tools under the seat, attaches to molded plastic hooks.

(2) 10mm chrome finish acorn nuts: ??? I was thinking maybe for the license plate but there are no studs, or machine screws to match them. Also the chrome finish seems odd for this bike as almost everything else is matte.

(2) 250mm black zip ties: ???

(1) two-piece plastic cable retainer: this sort of clicks together loosely, and looks like it would hold larger diameter cables/wires in the two outer positions and two smaller diameter cables/wires in the two inner positions... But I can't see where this might be used.

Anybody have ideas on the last three items? I'm sure they would not have included them for no reason!

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