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Pyramid Rear Hugger, ERMAX headlight fairing, 60th Anniversary

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For sale, as the styling doesn't suit the look I'm going for.

cheap enough to buy and paint whatever colour you want, compared to brand new prices! plus the match-up to the Yamaha original paintwork is perfect.

Both in perfect condition - haven't taken the hugger off the bike yet though.

Hugger - £100 delivered to UK
fairing - £90 delivered to UK

(compared to £160 and £170 respectively for brand new items!)


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Aaaaaaah of they just were the green version, I'd instantly buy them for my green bike!!!!! /forum/images/smilies/frown.gif
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I could drop the price a bit if you wanted and you could have a local paint shop do them for less than it would cost for the new ones, and the colour match would be the same if not better... ;)
Ehehehe thanks man but i dont think this would be much cheap, after adding everything (i mean the packaging and sepdition cost, plus all the paintings etc) as i am not in the UK :).
Thanks anyway, good luck on selling them
Hi just inquiring about the listed items, I have a 2016 60th anniversary and might be interested, could you pm me please?

Hi mate, I cant until my post count is 15, you can email me on [email protected].

Sorry if this is a dumb question (and/or answered elsewhere) but I' trying to figure out how to remove the standard hugger/chain guard so I can fit an extender.

There are two bolts easily accessed on the chain side; i've undone those and there appears to be a push-fit popper on the inside of the swing arm on the non-chain side holding it on. I don't want to force it in case it breaks or if there is something else holding the guard on which I can't spot.

Any thoughts?
The trick is to push in the centre of the plastic rivet to release it.

See link below for a good explanation.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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