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PUIG 'Trail' Universal Footpegs - Silver (P/N: 7319P)

Brand new - I intended to fit these before deciding on a complete Gilles Rearset instead.
Note that you will need to buy the appropriate PUIG mounting adapters to use these, which for the XSR700 are P/N: 6456N)

GBP £40 including shipping within the UK (£3 extra elsewhere)


ABM Rinova Billet Indicators

In excellent condition with bullet connectors crimped on and insulation sleeving added.
In my opinion, these are some of the nicest Indicators for the XSR range out there, being neither too retro or too sporty - more 'industrial'.
It's quite hard to find completely rectilinear Indicators that do not bulge or flare out and these are definitely the finest of their type that I've found, with the body being entirely machined Anodised Aluminium (no Rubber parts).
They are also very bright.
I was extremely happy with these and am only selling them as since fitting a new Headlight (Purpose Built Moto "Flashpoint 7") I have had to remove the Fly Screen and Headlight Grille which has in turn reduced the 'visual mass' from the front of the Bike so the ABM Indicators stand out a little too much for my taste now.

CNC machined, polished anodized black
Dimensions: 76 x 20 x 12 mm
M8 thread
Weight (pair): 70 g

GBP £45 per set of 2 indicators, including shipping within the UK (£3 extra elsewhere)
2 sets available



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