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PSA: Cheaper Fork Gaitors

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As with many of you I'm looking at adding gaitors to my green special to join the hipster crowd. However, I can't quite bring myself to spend ~£45 on two bits of cosmetic rubber, so I was looking around for a cheaper set to do the job.

The XSR's forks are ~42mm in diameter, with around 130mm travel. I managed to find an old Yamaha set here that works out a lot cheaper (£12) than the XSR specifics, and looks like it'll match up nicely with the dimensions.


I'll update the thread with pics once they arrive and I've attempted to fit them!
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I want the gaitors but it's not the 45 quid that puts me off but the 60 quid the garage want to fit them. I know I could possibly do it myself but it's the steering etc at the end of the day on my brand new bike so it's one for the experts as far as I can see.

If it's isn't please correct me but I can't see how you get them on without dropping forks our totally or removing wheel etc. Not something I fancy doing at my newbie stage.
The fitting cost really put me off too, when i rang my local dealer you could tell he wasn't keen to fit them and did his best to put me off...
Yep, yet another reason I'm reluctant to spend a lot on them! I'm happy to do the fitting myself, as long you mark up the stock placement of the forks etc it's hard to go wrong from there, just need a couple of jacks to keep the bike upright while you do the work.
Keep this updated please and let us know how did the self-mounting process go, I'm interests too! :)
Parts arrived yesterday! I'm hoping to get them fitted this weekend if I can find the time, will update from there.
I went for the Yamaha options as part of my deal was free fitting on any accessories ordered when we shook on the deal.
I paid 75€ for the gators and instalation when did the recall for the cables..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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