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Preload setting query - advice please!

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Hi all - hoping someone can help me out!

Before taking my bike out yesterday (first sunny day for me!), I checked my tyre pressure to get the factory 36 rear/33 front. I also checked my preload suspension. However, looking at it I couldn't work out if it was in the '3' setting or '7'!

I'm 75kg plus kit so wanted to experiment against the factory standard setting.

I bought my bike late last year - it was second hand with about 800 miles on it. I didn't get chance to go out much due to weather so the settings were as the previous owner.

Can someone tell me what position this preload is in please? I've attached a pic taken from the right hand side.



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I'm 87kg and run it bang in the middle. I was running it harder but it felt too hard for the soft (and non-adjustable) fork

Thanks - I'll take it for a run on the '4' setting as the 3 does seem a bit bouncy.....!

I'm 80kg, was running at 3, but it was way to bouncy for me. But I am coming from a GSXR. I adjust it all the way to 7, which made the ride a bit better. There wasn't much difference for me at 4 or 5.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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