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Pops and Crackles

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I have a akrapovic double exhaust with baffles in (eu4) and it sounds really ok but i want it a bit more hmmm exciting.
I love these pops and crackles but the bike dont do it really often and not so loud, is there a way to get more pops without getting too illegal?

have a nice day and greetings from austria


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Rice Krispies in the fuel tank?

As for not getting too illegal, it may help to know what the laws are in Austria, to be able to advise? Noise levels, carbon/particulate emissions, that sort of thing..
I do not want to destroy the exhaust or remove the baffles.
The mod should be reversible.
Fitting a de-cat pipe to bypass the collector box under would be reversible, and could result in more popping, esp. on the overrun. It'd make the bike run lean, though, and I couldn't say whether or not it'd be legal.
there is actually no cat inside :( and a decat pipe dont work with this exhaust i think.
An intermediate pipe could always be fabricated to bypass the collector whether or not there's a cat inside, but how much the airflow would change if it's only a small volume with no cat, baffles, etc. inside it, I don't know!
I’m not sure the laws where you are....but I have an Akra exhaust (different model) and removed the baffle very easily. Pic of baffle attached. It is completely reversible. It pops and crackles all day. Love it


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I have the twin acra and you can remove the baffles / db killers.
Remove the small rubber plugs near the end of the cans, and drill the weld out ( the weld is to stop the baffles being taken out)
You can then knock the baffles out from the exhaust inlet side with a tube which slides over the baffles . But be warned they are very tight, best to do in a vice.
There was some threads on this site showing how to do it, or google it.
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