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Finally got round to changing my Phantoms at 7000 miles (11000 km). Rear was worn to legal min and badly squared off, front probably had a couple of thousand miles left in it. I wanted something that would cope with the gravel/mud/grass strewn lanes down here in West Cornwall but would still give plenty of feedback on smooth tarmac as well. I like the Michelin PR4 for pure road use and would have gone for the Pirelli MT60RS if I'd wanted more gravel track capability.

For my use, the Scorpion Trail II seemed a good compromise. I'm very pleased with them - they're far more confidence inspiring than the Phantoms on dodgy road surfaces and they seem to grip well on fast corners on smooth roads. Haven't yet tried them in the wet, but they will be better than the Phantoms! Their tread profile suggests they'll shed water easily.

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