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Hi guys, have any of you come across this?


Had to pop up their facebook page as the website is being reconstructed ready for the beauty to go on sale.

Basically, it's a hud that attaches to your helmet and gives you iron man type info. Speed, gear, sat nav, phone etc.. The fantastic thing is though, the display is transparent and see a projected image overlaid on the normal field of vision, towards the bottom of course so as not to obstruct anything. Awesome. Apparently it also has a hd movie and stills camera too so it'd be off with tomtom bandit then. I've been following its development for a couple of years but finally they're saying it'll be released this season. Probably a bit pricey at the mo and it's always worth holding out for the 2nd gen but OMG!!!!!

I really hope this will kick off a whole new frenzy of invention for bikers.

Bike hud made the first type of this thing if you've not heard of it, very bulky and not transparent, but they were working on a new gen called Bike Hud Adventure. They seem to have disappeared though.

What do you reckon on safety issues?

Cheers all.
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