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hi stubbsey hear ive had my xsr700 since july after being of motorcycles for 12 years. I think the bike is a great bit of kit.


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Welcome to the forum! Looks like you've made a few changes to your xsr700 since July. :grin2: Care to share?
Welcome to the forums, where have you been for so long!!

Definitely in to hear the mod list and what you have planned for. Where are you located? There may be some riders in your area as well!
yep metzler z6 tyres hated the phantoms no strength in the carcase.
SW motec side panals in ally keeps rear brake res covered
delkavic exhaust system stainless only £260 well worth it
piug black screen
garmin sat nav zumo345
home made foot pegs and frame bung in ally billit
and the rack
from the notts area
Welcome aboard, bike looks well...i'm liking the rim tape, something i've been thinking about doing to mine.
So do you find a big difference with the metzlers on.
I work in Worksop, North Notts used to live there before moving to Donny.
i find the metzlers Z6 a big improvement . I found the pirellis felt like the were foulding when you got to the last dot on the tread and when i changed the tyres the carcase was so soft you could turn them inside out with ease.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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