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I will be picking up my used, 2017 XSR700 tomorrow. I have spent the last 2 weeks agonising over 700 or 900 , but as I have recently passed my test I took the more sensible 700 option. I think my wife and kids may thank me lol!

Its a private sale and the current owner has done exactly all the upgrades I would have done myself, so he's saved me a lot of time and effort so I can enjoy the bike day one. Its had an ECU flash remap which has improved the power through the mid-range and smoother throttle response. Id be interested in any feedback if you've done the same. As soon as I heard the Akra exhaust I mentally owned the bike and tomorrow I will!
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Nice, congratulations!
I would be interested in knowing how much smoother the throttle response really is.
Welcome to the forum. I think you made the right choice with the 700.....I went through the same dilemma and I'm very glad I opted for the 700. For back roads riding, which I prefer, the 700 is a more enjoyable bike.
Agreed , I never wanted a mile muncher. Having now ridden the bike I can confirm it is , 'sweet as', but obviously difficult for me to do a before and after, remapping, comparison. The Akrapovic has had the baffle removed which is entertaining for the first 30 mins but tbh gets a bit much after that, so I'm looking to get it refitted. I had an interesting experience of a deer running out in front of me across the A10 on my first rideout, so maybe that exhaust note saved the day?
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