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Newbie from Glos

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Been browsing the forum for a while.

Got my XSR700 3 weeks ago. Done some minor mods - removing bits mostly. Carbon tip Black Widow arrives tomorrow.

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Ive got the same exhaust - sounds stunning - even better with the baffle out!

Definitely a good choice too on the carbon tip - the stainless looks great against the black tip
It was the price that swung it for me.

The only thing I would change would be the hanger. I saw someone had mounted theirs with a custom hanger - it looked much better.

Did you at least do some things to protect the paint? Being a new bike this is a great opportunity to do all those things while its mint.
Not protected the paint...didn't see the need. When I removed the exhaust I did wrap a towel around the rearset. Black Widow arrives today so will get that on tonight. Going to see if I can mount it without using the chrome mount they supply - it looks a bit too bling for my liking.
Welcome aboard:smile2:
Which colour bike did you go for...Garage,forest or anniversary?.
Bet you can't wait to get it fitted...They sound so much better with an aftermarket exhaust.

Anni. I liked the green but the silver stripes put me off. I've seen one repainted in white... that's something I'd consider in the future.

It's quiet alright! The BW should sort that if YouTube is anything to go by. I don't think I've ever kept a standard can on for more than a couple of weeks.
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