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Newbie - Folkestone, Kent

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Brought approx 3 weeks ago. Still running in but this bike is so much fun. Work keeps getting in the way of enjoying myself more.
Roll on the summer evenings to have a go at pub exploring.


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Almost the same time as me then, picked mine up on the 6th May. Done 250 miles so far and keeping to the max 5k revs as recommended (with the odd exception)....but roll on when I can open the throttle up....Enjoy
Welcome to the club.

What bikes have you owned in the past?

Feel free to post pictures of your garage metal xsr in the designate picture thread for it, another owner has done so already:http://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/2...arage-metal-yamaha-xsr700-picture-thread.html
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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