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New XSR700 owner

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Hi guys

Had my XSR700 for just over a week now and loving it. Choose this little beauty in white and red anniversary colours painted br Dream machine.

Got the 1st service booked tomorrow, loving every mile so far apart from the poor visability in the mirrors.

Looking at an after market exhaust but dont want to pay £900 tbh, does anyone recomend something that looks half decent and doesnt cost the eart?

Cheers guys



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Welcome, Matt. Fantastic looking bike - that colour really suits it. Have a look at the exhausts section threads...there's endless discussion of after market options! Most owners agree that the standard exhaust looks good but sounds pitiful.
My first service is due too although the dealership can't book me in for another two weeks! I've been eating up the miles.

I've just purchased the SP Engineering Diabolus XLS Plain Titanium Low Slung Exhaust. I'll post a vid when it's on.

I also considered the SC Project exhaust (best looking / pricey) and the Scorpion (spits fire apparently)... SP won over price and looks.
Welcome to the forum Matt! The bike looks great in white/red!
I bought aftermarket bar end mirrors and they made a world of difference!

Hey Matt,

Welcome, loving the red and white version. Do you know if a dealer done thing or extra limited version from yamaha?

+1 for bar end mirrors. That said makes it slightly trickier when filtering ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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