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When the snow here in Minneapolis (Minnesota) started melting, I went online looking at bikes, just for fun, and came across your sight.

Yamaha's new bikes impressed me since I saw each one debut first in the UK press, and then, if we were lucky, in the US.
I went to a Yamaha test ride event at a local dealer a couple years ago, thinking that the FJ-09 would be a good replacement for my aging Versys.
It seemed a very capable bike, but was not desirable enough to make me really want to buy one.
The XSR900, on the other hand, had that sort of appeal. Smaller and lighter, much more attractive, and customizable.
Still, I was not in love with the engine. I tested a Street Triple earlier, and had the same impression -- better torque than a four but too revvy.

I still prefer twins. And then I rode the FZ-07, ten minutes later.
Light, agile. Excellent acceleration from a stop but with virtually no low-speed fuelling issues.
Not the right platform for a middle-aged man, though, so I waited.
Watched the Tracer 700 debut in the UK, but heard there were no plans to send it across the Atlantic.

But now we have the XSR700.
I went to see it at the big motorcycle show here.
The date had been rescheduled to avoid the Super Bowl, which angered some manufacturers.
BRP, Triumph, Ducati and Yamaha all pulled out, so I did not get to sit on one. (Worst Show EVER)

Judging by what I have found on your sight, though, I think this may be the bike for me.
I commute to work on the bike every day I can, and take frequent weekend rides.
My enthusiasm for very long tours is falling -- maybe a couple 3000 mile tours per year, and a few shorter ones.

From what I have seen here, the XSR could do that.
Suspension improvements, screen, aftermarket seat if necessary.
Hard luggage is crucial. Twisted Throttle, an east-coast US company, now lists Givi fitments, for starters.

My only concern was tank range, but from what I gather, I should be able to get at least 150 miles. Filling up every 100 miles is a great safety net.
That system works OK in all areas I have travelled.

I will call around to the local dealers to see if anyone has one in stock, so at least I can sit on one.
I would have to wait until June to test ride one, though.
Don't like the idea of buying anything without testing.
Don't know if I can hold out, though.
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Tct.....got mine back in dec and only have 600 miles on it due to weather and snow.Havent had chance to do any long rides to see how bike would do and what changes I will have to make to go long distance but did feel a lot of wind blast on body when going over 70. I did buy mine without any test drive and have no regrets.Currently using a Kriega us-20 on back of seat for storage, which is working well.
I really like my XSR700, but for me there were a few things I thought should be changed immediately.

The poor damping of the Yamaha rear shock made the rear end act like a pogo stick, so I fitted a Nitron R1 shock. However if you’re a heavier rider you might not notice this so much, I weigh 165 lbs including gear.

The speedo position on the handlebar. I kept having to look down to see it, so I bought a ‘Gilles’ mount so it’s now nicely positioned forward just over the headlight, where it should have been in the first place.

The Yamaha rear hugger is too small and does not protect the shock, so I changed it to a ‘Powerbronze’, it’s OK but I think the ‘Pyramid’ version looks better.

If you plan on doing distance, I'd suggest a more comfortable seat. The stock one feels hard fast IMHO
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