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new uk member

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Hello from south uk.

Just awaiting delivery of a XSR700 in forest green.

First bike and cant wait. Have already few mods planned with a short list of options already coming with the bike.

Most likely first items will be

SC Project Exhaust
New LED headlight (suggestions welcomed)
Speedo Relocate / FlyScreen.

Pictures to follow as soon as I collect it thought thanks to bad shoulder not sure when :(
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Welcom from overhere in the Netherlands.

Will pickup my "metal" bike later this week...

My mod list is growing as ****...and probably will cost me a fortune.

- Akra
- Evo Tech tail tidy
- Small rear light
- Love the flat sadle

And so on..

Hope to get some pictures on this forum soon...
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Thanks same here, promised I want mod. It lasted about 2 minutes,

Exhaust sorted sc project on the way, now only main one left for now is the headlight whcih I need to work out if it will fit as found a great looking one on ebay
Very good choice on that color. :)
And the exhaust aswell.
What SC did you buy?
Going for the Full exhaust system 2-1 with S1 muffler with euro4 homologation

Would prefer a simpler one but at least want have any issues with road legal etc
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