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New (to me) XSR on the block

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Hi folks
Just wanted to check in - for myself a second hand (500!km) XSR last week. I was lucky in that it already came with some of the accessories I would fit too. It had skid buttons on the axels and handle bars, fall over stoppers in the frame, and engine cover from R&G, black radiator cover, Yamaha smoky screen and an R&G tidy tail. It was raining cats and dogs on the first weekend I got it but managed to cover 200 kms on it. A big step up from my scooter for sure.
I still need to get used to the 100+ km/hr winds but starting to do a few motorway runs to get used to it. I started out with my scooter Bell Custom helmet and my head nearly blew off. Since grabbed a Shoei NXR and it feels like a different bike.
Now looking at luggage options. I really need something to stash my helmet and all my bikey gear in when I go to business meetings. So please help out with my question in the gear forum. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forum, Greg. Where in the world are you?
Welcome to the forum, Greg. Where in the world are you?
Thanks mate. Neglected to mention that! I'm in Auckland New Zealand.
Hi Greg and welcome to xsr700 ownership and enjoy many happy safe miles.
In the U.K. we can only dream of biking in somewhere like new Zealand.... same land mass as U.K. but 60 million less people!
Different helmets Work better on different bikes I have a scuberth c3 pro and it makes some odd noises on the xsr700.
My shark shawl and hjc rhpa 11 work really well... both these lids have visors that close tightly.
Welcome! :)
I got the Shoei RF-SR and the photochromic visor and i love it!
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