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New Rider Surrey and EvoTech

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Good Morning Everyone,

Ive had my Forest Green beast for two weeks now and loving every moment on the bike.
Change from a Vulcan S, which is no where near as good as the XSR!!!

There are lots of mods that im looking at making starting with some bits from EvoTech.

I dropped them a mail as i wanted to order a few parts, asking for a bit of a discount and they are currently runny 10% with the code facebook17 , Thought i would share!! :smile2:

Happy Thursday

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Hi Scott

Welcome to the forum and glad your enjoying the XSR700!!
Welcome to the forum Scott, congrats on the bike and thanks for the heads up on the discount code!
Hi Scott
Welcome to the forum, glad you're enjoying the XSR. Thanks for the heads up on the discount code too:smile2:, i'm thinking of finally ordering the tail tidy,rad cover and crash bobbins...so that'll save me a few quid:grin2:.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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