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New rider from Sweden!

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I'm an 49year old biker from Sweden.
I have a passion for Caferacers and Scramblers.

Best regards Niklas "Callahan"
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Welcome Niklas! Driving season is starting when we get rid of all the snow we have in Finland.

Välkommen/Welcome Callahan!

Where in Sweden are you from, I'm from around the Västerås area myself. Witch color scheme did you get on your XSR?

I live in Skövde and I got the red one.
Just picked it upp today an traded in my xjr1300racer.
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Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the bike! It looks real sharp in that color. Is it coming stock with a Akra exhaust?
No the Akra is an option but this one was on display at my local shop so they have fitted it.
And got an good deal on the options.
Callahan, this Akrapovic is the best choice for our XSR !
Cool XSR. Love its colour :nerd:
I'm overwhelmed with joy when I drive my xsr! :)
Have not had a more entertaining machine before.
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Some accessories are on the way now! :)
Got the tail tidy today.
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