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New rider from Brussels

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Hi everyone,
I bought my XSR (forest green) a couple of months ago. This is my first bike after having owned a maxi scooter (Tmax). I was thinking about having a bike for years. So now I really enjoy it daily for commuting to work but also during weekends. I also like the way one can easily personalize it. I ve already done some mods by adding some Yam. parts. I've looked at your bikes and ideas by reading this forum for hours, there are so many great bikes! So this week, I finally decided to install a brand new SC project exhaust (conic version). I like the design of it but I was very surprised by the sound when starting the engine. After 2 days and 50km, I fear it s a bit too loud for me. What is your experience? Do you know if there is a big difference with the Akkra? Thanks for sharing. Nicolas


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Welcome to the forum, Nico. You're not the first to find the SC Project exhaust system a bit on the loud side. Better to be a bit too loud than a bit too quiet, perhaps?
Thanks for your feedback Tigerjohn. I ll probably get used to it. Indeed better to be too loud in the traffic jam in the morning ?.
yeah ! brussels in the place !
60th anniversary owner from ixelles, here !
see you soon !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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