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Hi All,

I've been lurking for quite some time now watching with envy as many new introductions or various posts of mods fitted. Well, after nearly 5 months I finally have my new wheels. 2022 XSR700 Heritage Black. I picked it up from the Dealership Saturday morning and rode straight home and started the mods :ROFLMAO:. With 4 and a bit months of waiting and drooling over your mods needless to say I had a few parts awaiting the bikes arrival. In Queensland, Australia the LAW is pretty strict on modifications for beginner riders. Top of that list are exhaust or anything that improves the power to wight ratio. With that the list I have fitted...
Evotech tail tidy
Evotech radiator guard
generic axle sliders
GIVI lower frame guard
generic bar end mirrors
Speedo Angels gauge protector
Track bobbins (I didn't realize the 2022 came with mounts!!)

I spotted on youtube someone painted the plastic behind the under tank farings so the 3 holes had an accent colour. I had some silver vinyl so with that I have completed my mods.... for now.

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