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New Official Rear Light

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Has anyone seen the new rear LED light cluster released by Yamaha?

Looks quite nice but think I still prefer the original
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Prefer the original. Judging by the rivets in pic and a recent tail tidy install. Looks like it comes with a different mud guard.


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I like it, it looks smaller. The mud guard is the one of the Xsr 900. They share the same tail light.
Do you have a photo or link?
Link is the first sentence... just click on it.
Shown fitted to 2017 XSR700 in Tech Black at the Brussels Car and Moto Exhibition 2017 too.

(I can't post links - instead Youtube search "Yamaha XSR700 2017" - it's the first result)
Thanks Nightic. Here is some screenshots.


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I don't think it looks too bad to be honest. I think I do like it more than the "original" one but I'll need to see it on a few different ones with different rear setups to really judge it lol.
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