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New member XSR owner

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Hi all
New member. Had my XSR 60th anniversary yellow for almost a year now and looking to start mods especially the stock exhaust. Don't fancy paying yam prices for the acro - any suggestions?

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Keep an eye out for used MT07 zorsts as the xsr700 is not as common and used zorsts dont come up yet....that ive seen.

Scorpion do a nice exhaust red power serkat sounds beefy too.

Sc projects is another faviourate.
Along with Mivv ghibli again a faviourate.
Hi and welcome, great to have you on board.
Have a look on the exhaust discussion under the 'Tech section' on here, plenty of alternatives to look at.
Hey Mwelton, welcome to the forum. What's your thoughts on the bike after 1 year of ownership?
Just put a Scorpion Serkat on my XSR sounds pretty nice I have to say!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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