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New member in Warwick, looking for LOTS of advice!

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Hi all,

I'm Gaz, living in Warwick UK, and have owned a new forest green XSR700 for 8 weeks and I've managed to clock a very enjoyable (and dry) 750 miles.
My last road bike was a TZR125 when I was 19, fast forward another 19 years and I impulse bought an XSR700 before an impending wedding at the end of this summer! It felt like a now-or-never moment!
I've been reading this forum for the last two months, I've probably read every single post - but this is my first, and my first internet forum post ever.
I'm looking for advice on a lot of different mods, I should probably write separate posts, but thought I'd put it all here and see how we get on...
Let me start by saying that I'm not very skilled with a spanner, but I am an expert at breaking pretty much everything I touch!
The only 'mod' I have done so far is removing the pillion pegs to clean up the rear end.

1. Tail tidy - I am going to put on either the Evotech tail tidy, or the R&G unit. Originally I wanted to use the Evotech to retain the aesthetic of the original tail lamp. However, the more I look at it, the more I really want to lose the rear fender and bulky lamp to clean up the rear end. So, R&G it is I think. There are LOTS of comments on here about how good the quality is on the Evotech, are people as happy with the R&G unit? Is it a simple bolt on and plug in of electrics, do I need a bit of skill!?

2. Removing the safety sticker on the fuel tank - I read on here that someone tried to peel it off and destroyed the paint work! Am I right in thinking heating with a hair dryer is the way to go?

3. Gilles Tooling Speedo bracket - I'm 6'2" and like a lot of people here, have to completely point my head down and off the road to see the speedo, so this bracket is a must. Does anyone have a photo of the repositioned speedo without a fly screen? Does it look weird sat randomly over the headlight?

4. Head lamp behemoth - I love the bike. I hate the head lamp. When I first viewed the bike in the dealership I hated the massive head lamp at first sight. What made it worse was that the 700 was sat next to an XSR900, which has a near identical lamp but about half the depth. I decided to buy the bike, but I'd change the lamp. I originally found this forum looking for advice on swapping the lamp. I thought everyone would hate it, and changing it would be a very common mod. I was surprised to see that people didn't really mention it. There is one guy here who swapped the rear (deep) case of the lamp with the much shallower rear case of the 900, but I didn't like that he had to cut the bottom of the case to work around the 3rd attachment point of the 700. Does anyone know of a simple 'plug and play' swap for a less deep unit? Electrics are definitely not my thing!

5. Fly screen - interestingly, adding a fly screen seems to lessen the visual mass of the headlamp. If no-one has a good (easy) recommendation for swapping the lamp, I will add the official Yamaha black fly screen, I also like the fact that it hides (and protects) the repositioned speedo with the Gilles Tooling bracket. I would however, prefer to keep the naked look of the bike, but if I have to keep the headlamp then the fly screen is essential.

6. Handle bars - finally, I would like flatter bars. Although I haven't had a road bike for the last 19 years (I do have an under-used offroad enduro bike), I've always been interested and lusted after sports bikes. The retro vibe has never appealed to me. Then, one day not so long ago, I was drinking (the start of all good stories) with a friend who has 3 bikes (and loves the whole retro vibe) and talking about my imminent doom, I mean very exciting wedding, and his bikes. It was then when I thought sod it, I'm buying a bike. As weddings don't come cheap now-a-days, and I thought I wouldn't last long on a sports rocket, I decided to buy the cheap yet great MT-07. It was my mate that then suggested the XSR700. At first I didn't like it, but the more I looked, the more I started to appreciate its style - maybe I'm growing up. Anyway, that was a very long paragraph to finally get to the point.... Although I now love the look of the bike, I think the very high swept bars do make it look a little too 'cruiser' for my liking, so some flatter bars would be nice. I've read various people on hear taking about risers and drilling bars, none of it I really understand. Can I please have some recommendations for bars that are easily swapped. I would definitely get a garage to do it for me. The bike had its first service on Friday and I asked the guy in the dealership how much they would charge to put new bars on, and he said it would depend on how easy it was and if they had to locate and drill for all the controls. He thought it would be easier and therefore cheaper to put XSR900 bars on (slightly flatter) but was concerned with them contacting the tank at full lock. I recall someone on here putting 900 bars on but can't remember the outcome.

Right, sorry for the overly long post but hopefully some of you have made it to the end!!!

Thanks in advance for any responses - Gaz.
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Welcome to the forum, Gaz. You've certainly jumped in at the deep end with a first post! Have a good look through the Tech Section discussions - many of the answers you seek will be there. I'm sure there will be some sound advice coming.... on the warning sticker query, you're correct - gentle heat, careful peeling and a squirt of WD40 to clean up will sort it for you.

As the intro section is primarily for quick introductions rather than detailed discussions, I'm moving this to the Appearance & Body section of the Tech area, where there's more chance of your queries being picked up. Good luck with your mods (and the wedding!).
Hi Gaz,

Welcome to the forum. Check post 18 on this link, shows the Gilles bracket without the screen.


Handlebars - I had the Rizoma bars fitted and it took them a while as they drilled the holes. A lot of others just file them down and they still are really secure!

I'm not a massive fan of the headlight either and initially didn't like the screen. Since moving the Speedo and keeping the screen on, I've grown to really like the look of it!

I just carefully pulled the tank sticker off without heat and it came off no problem, although I'd definitely recommend the heat method after the nightmares a few other forum members have had!

I'm terrible at fettling but recently managed to install the Evotech tail tidy and replace the stock indicators without too much fuss. When I get stuck, a quick post on the forum and it's normally sorted within an hour or so!

Good luck!

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Hi Gaz, welcome to the forum.

I think I can help with a couple of your points as I faced similar dilemmas.


1 - I'm no fan of the rear end of the bike - Yamaha really took their eye off the ball here.
Apart from the whole tail unit being way too bulky (which is a common curse with stock bikes), they've clumsily added retro-touches that don't quite work with the rest of the design (which I feel should be viewed more as a retro-futuristic-industrial hybrid), such as the tail-light taken off another, more genuinely retro model and bizarrely adding a little upward curl to the lip of the rear fender, which strikes me as very gauche.

Before the rear fender really started to bother me, I was also going to go for the Evotech Performance tail tidy, which is by far the best looking of the products in its category (imho of course).
However, since deciding to do away with the whole tail unit, the Evotech Performance part can no longer be used and the suitable options increase and became rather more complicated.

First, does one keep the original tail light or go with a different design?
While no massive fan of the original light, Yamaha have since released a more refined after-market version ([FONT=&quot]LED Vintech Tail Light - P/N: YME-FYTL1-00-0).
Granted, it's not perfect but I do feel that it works better than the original and presents much more of a 'future-retro' vibe due to the halo effect, which will nicely compliment an LED halo headlight (the best of which is the pricey VisionX Vector, for those that are interested).
You may have already seen the thread on here about the Vintech but here are a few more posts and more importantly photos of the light fitted to XSR900s, from a German forum:



However, if you've completely been turned off the idea of round tail-lights and want an after-market one in a different shape, then things get a bit more complicated. (as well as the fact that despite having now looked at thousands of tail-light designs, I have yet to find one that I feel would perfectly work with the XSR700).
Turning first to the R&G tail tidy. With apologies to those who have fitted one, I just don't think this part looks right at all.
It fits way too high, with the license plate starting just a few cms before the end of the bike frame. It also has very little rear-ward projection, which adds to the small, bunched-up look.
The tail-light they fit also doesn't work at all with the design language of the rest of the bike and it fits in a weird position, not close enough or far away enough from the frame.
Worse is that it tilts upwards (though this is not uncommon with the tail tidies featuring after-market tail-lights) and just looks pretty cheap and 'Chinese' in the process.

I think there are better options to consider here but which still have their own flaws;

Urbano Bruni 'Racer Line' (still fits too high and with little projection although the tail-light at least integrates better)

Puig (too high, light again tilts upwards but is a little better than R&G one and fits more slickly. It would likely be easier to replace with another version too. However this unit does not appear to include a complete under-seat plate with which to cover the hole left by the removal of the fender)

Rizoma 'Fox' (usual ridiculous Rizoma over-pricing, fits too high, although at least it has adjustable projection. Light seems sleek but I'm not sure I trust these currently-trendy tiny units to be as visible as physically larger ones)

At one time I had seriously considered each of these before deciding on the unit I just purchased (today in fact).
I went with a lesser-seen option (in fact I don't think I've read anything about it on here), which is to be used with the Vintech tail-light.
It's from Evotech RL (an Italian company, not to be confused with the British 'Evotech Performance').

I chose this as it appears to have a nice amount of projection away from the bike frame and a nice downward curve overall, thanks to the joint in the middle.
This allows for the license plate to be set at a nicer height than normal (closer to stock) as well getting away from the abrupt, linear style of virtually all of the competing units (which makes them look rather home-made, imho).
It also lets you continue using the original indicators (courtesy of the cheap brackets they sell for this purpose) while deciding which after-market ones to buy (my current position).
I also prefer the way the tail-light is mounted to the unit, which would allow for changing over to an after-market one, should a suitable candidate be found, by simply making up a simple bracket to accommodate regular tail-light fixing positions.
The downsides of the unit are that it's pricey (I paid EU €193, with the optional license plate light and reflector as well as the afore-mentioned original indicator brackets and shipping to the UK) and that it also might appear too industrial for some.

Assuming none of those take your fancy, here are a couple of other noteworthy units to consider, if using the original/Vintech light:

Urbano Bruni 'Y Line' (the upward sweep of it may not work well in person and it's a bit tacky looking, what with the 'XSR700' cut out)

Barracuda (a bit odd looking, and not loving the holes plus the indicator mounting looks cheap and the joint in the middle is unpainted)


4 - I have gone for the XSR900 bucket solution, for now (with plans to fit a VisionX Vector LED Halo headlight later, perhaps with a different housing).
IIRC though, the modification required to fit this was pretty trivial, with just a small hole needing to be cut out (a 2 minute job with a drill and appropriately-sized small hole saw) to accommodate the headlights bulb height adjustment screw.


I hope that helps a bit.
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Hi Gaz welcome..

Loads of suggestions and different styles of xsr700 to look at..But it is your bike and do whatever you want to it..

Different parts are not to everyones liking but do not be put off sticking it on your bike if you like it..

Most of the mods are pretty simple to do just bolts off and bolt new part on and if you get stuck there are some very helpful people on this site who are only too glad to help.

Most of all enjoy the bike it is a load of fun and a great bike to own..
Hi Gaz,

Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the XSR.

+1 with Rivski, if you've taken the pillion pegs off you'll be capable of most other mods. I didn't have a clue about bikes until a few months ago but managed to change the handlebars and indicators etc with help of the forum and youtube. In hindsight it was all easy.

Toughest part has been choosing the bits :)

My few pointers, Slowly and WD40 for the sticker. Perhaps consider some of the integrated rear light/indicator combos if removing rear light?

LSL bars are a good option, as are all the manufacturers. I would also suggest grinding the locating pins off with a drill and dremel bit. I was really worried about the mod, but it was really easy. My approach is to take the bike apart then put it back together again prior to committing to a mod.

Looking forward to seeing the bike :)
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Big thanks to everyone who has replied so far. I appreciate all the advice and suggestions. Lots for me to look at!!!
Gaz welcome

The the forum mates were really thorough about the rear end, so I am going to refer to the front.
From my research I found that the most practical and good looking screen is the one from DART
I've sent them an email and they informed me that they are developing the brackets.
Welcome aboard Gaz, great list of mods planned there.. as for the speedo relocator bracket, i'm also 6'2 and it's by far the best mod i've done so far. Some pics of mine here..http://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/7...-did-you-do-your-yamaha-xsr-700-today-46.html
No more looking down now...and no i think it actually looks better than the original, my opinion of course.
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