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New in the forum.. new but...

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I am new in the forum, but... I have a XSR900... so I wonder if here the owners of the big brother of the XSR700 are welcome....

And, if here the owners of the 900 can have a place to talk about the specific things of this one.

Thanks!!! (cross fingers)


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Nice bike man! And welcome to the forum!! :)
I personally think having a forum section dedicated to XSR 900 owners would be so nice! I can bet everyone here will greet you warmly and will make you enjoy your stay (and posting threads-life)!! You will probably have to wait for a forum administrator to hear a valued word on your eventual xsr 900 section. Welcome again and again nice "big-brother-bike"!!! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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