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New Helmet

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Hi guys,
i had to choose my next helmet
I tried a lot of helmets from different brand and i finally decided.
My next helmet is the new X-Lite 802RR Start Flat Black. :grin2:

Maybe this helmet it's a bit too much racing for the XSR700, but i don't care about it
I also tried a 702 GT but the quality of the 802rr was just amazing!

What do you think about it?

I can't wait to ride my new bike with my new helmet!


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Looks good man! mines proper racey looking but i dont care, the comfort and functionality greatly out weighs the cosmetics.

It's your helmet a K5?
I also tired AGV, but they wasn't good for my head.
Your helmet looks good too! ;-)

I think italian helmets and suits brands are the best ones for quality/price!

My last helmet was a Suomy Vandal which cost around 250€ and it's a 5 Stars on Sharp Test.
If you see brands as Arai or Shoei you will see most of the hemlets are around 3 Sharp Stars, but they're much more expansive than AGV, X-Lite or Suomy.
Sometimes you only pay for the brand or some details or materials...but the security is another thing! ;-)
I thought you were after one with a sun visor, Basilisco?
The X-Lite 802RR looks great! You don't really need a helmet to match the bike, just preference and if you want sporty then go for it. Mine is a sporty full face helmet too.

basilisco can just swap out the OEM visor with a tinted one. Heard the ones that changes color depending on the light aren't that great so best to stick with separate ones for day and night riding.
I do that at the moment with mine, it is a bit of a pain having to carry the other visor in my bag, and having to stop at dusk and swap them.
Yes, at the beginning i thought to buy an helmet with sun visor inside!
I tried the X-Lite 702 GT and the X-Lite 661 both with the sun visor...but i was not impressed by the quality of the helmets (expecially the 661...the 702 GT was much metter in term of materials).
After these helmets, i tried the 802rr (with new internal materials) and the quality and comfort was totally different...the quality is amazing!
Here in Italy the prices for these helmets are not too different.
I only paid 330€ for the new 802rr! (obviously, i'm talking about the Matt Black finish)
The price for the other helmets was: 300€ (702 GT) and 250€ (661).
So, with a little cost more...i chose a different solution which is a lot better!

I agree, it's a bore changing the visors...but i read bad opinions about the optical quality of the Sun Visor...so, i prefer a classic visor changing, but keeping a good quality lens!

I decided to replace my HJS IS-MAX II with this beautifull Shoei gt-air TC-8 Dauntless helmet :) fits better to my green forest yamaha :)


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