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I want to change the stock exhaust on my XSR 700 because, let's face it, the sound is too low and not deep enough... 75 db !! I make more noise when riding my bycicle (well maybe not but you got the idea).

So I saw the double headed Akra which is very nice but also expensive as ****. So I decided to look a bit further than the obvious and I foudn the SC Project which some of you already know. I also so recently the Ghibli racing from MIVV.

At first I was really thinking of buying the SC but the db killer cannot be removed and the guys there cannot tell me the actuel db of the product in place (I want at least 85 to 90 db and a nice deep sound).

So Do you know any information that I don't know and maybe a video of a comparison of the standard XSR and the SC, there already is one for the MIVV.
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