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Hey guys!

Although I have ben posting on the message boards already I thought it might be nice to introduce myself too.

I'm GulliNL from the Netherlands. Last december I got my licence together with a friend of mine. Ever since I was 18 (some 18 years ago) I wanted to ride a motorcycle, I even almost bought a R6 at that time but I'm glad I didn't otherwise I might have ended up in a ditch somewhere. Now I'm a bit older and a lot more sane, I went and bought a second hand Forest Green XSR with 4500kms on the clock and just 2 years old. I got it from a private seller who needed the money and I got a far better deal than I would have gotten at a dealership so one week I decided I was gonna buy one, and 5 days later there was one in my back yard :D

I have used it for a couple of trips in the area (around 100-150 kms each) and when the weather permits I ride it to work and back.

Some mods I want to try out;

Single seat
Tail tidy (probably going to be an S2 Concept since they let you keep your original tail light)
Front fork rubber gaiters (already ordered)
Rear bobbins (already fitted, now to get a good paddock stand)
Head light protector, the R&G looks nice but is freakin expensive, still looking for something more affordable (any tips? looking for a mesh/square grid type)
Yellow film on the headlight (going to order some today)
Yellow tire pen markings on the Pirelli logo on the sides of the wheels (yellow and dark green go together very well, ask Lotus)
Black radiator grille and side covers
Bar end mirrors

The bike came with a clear fly screen fitted, removed that for a cleaner look (it didn't do much for aerodynamics anyways). Might sell it to you if you want.
Removed passenger footpegs and filled the leftover holes with simple bolts and rubber washers from the hardware store in stead of shelling out €50,- for a couple of aluminium blanking plates!!

When all is fitted and all I want to have a nice photoshoot with it.
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