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new custom helmet

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I did personallizare my new helmet:grin2:


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Oh that is cool as **** ! Real leather covered, hand-stitched goodness ?!
Sweet helment, has a nice retro color scheme and use of color, along with texture that gives it a bit of a modern feel. Very nice.

Probably one of the better helmets i've seen.
Wait, you personalized it yourself? That looks friggin amazing! I envy your DiY skills...
thank you for your compliments!
It is not my work but did the company of Naples under my directions and is hand-stitched. Even the image of the skull I have given to them.
hello boys!
I added to my particular helmet, I am now also ready for colder days and highways. The mask is very light and you can put the mask under zaino_Occhiali and are hooked, but if you want you can only use glasses. All the fantastic figure of € 15.


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Now it looks really menacing and aggressive. You've created a piece of art here my friend. Plan on adding anything else to it ??
with beautiful words, I believe that it is now complete!
There's just something about open helmets that meshes so well with bikes like the xsr700, but I'm too paranoid about safety to ever go that route. How much did it cost your overall?
maybe 110€... this helmet is for the city...i have also Nolan N85 with bluetooth ncom but is white and red,like my previous gilera nexus..
Awesome!!!! I guess you bought it from horn helmets, isn't it?

How about the mask and googles?

Really nice helmet!! love it!
yes!!!! the mask is very nice,from aliexpress....
Dimmes you should seriously think about creating other colored helmets (forest green, black, garage metal etc) and sell them through the forum here and generally on the web! Really good job, again congratulations! ;)
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