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New buyer soon

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Hi guys, took an Xsr700 for a ride and it's perfect. However turns out the missus loves the idea too. How do these fair with pillions. She's not large but has long legs
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She's not large but has long legs
If they're still bendy, she'll be OK! The pillion pegs are fairy high, so it's a 'knees bent' riding position. My wife's arthritic knees don't like it, so I've removed the pillion pegs and fitted a solo seat! (She's much more comfy on my V Strom). You might be able to fit a pillion peg lowering kit if it's an issue.
Welcome to the forums ! Thankfully the missus loves the idea, so I can confidently say I see one in your near future ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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