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Multifunction display - certain values are blinking?

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Hello fellow XSR700 Riders! Hoping someone can help me, as a new owner of one of these lovely bikes, make sense of the multifunction display.

Certain info displays seem to permanently be flashing when I cycle through the information displays and I have no idea why, or even if this is the normal behavior (I hope not, its quite irritating).

I've recorded a video showing exactly what I mean - apologies for the bright direct sunlight.


As you can see, both trip meters and the average MPG values are flashing. I'm 99% sure this also happens whilst moving, although I tend not to change away from the clock function whilst riding.

I've reset one of the trip meters (notice the different values) and it stopped blinking until I set off again, but as you can see in the video its blinking again now.

The owners manual only mentions the multifunction display blinking in regards to the fuel meter when running on reserve.

Anyone else come across this and know if its normal behavior or that I need to set something up?

Thanks all!
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Hello George, mine do the same but after a few seconds they stop blinking..
Hi George

My bike has the same behaviour while browsing through the display menu!
By simultaneously pressing both buttons the corresponding trip meter/mpg meter gets resetted!
But this is only possible as long as the numbers are flashing.. After a few seconds the flashing stops.

Thanks for the response guys,

seems like I might just be a little impatient when browsing the options! Will try leaving them for a while when riding tomorrow.


The blinking shows you that you can reset the measurement
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