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Multi test ride day

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Today I was lucky enough to be selected as an XSR700 owner to take part in a testing day at the Hinckley factory ...a full day of back to back tests... test route was around 30 miles for each bike , mostly A and B roads with a bit of town bike ....the tests are to help develop new models that they will be launching soon but I'm not allowed to talk about...

So the tests were of 3 ostensibly similar bikes..in order of ride

Bike 1....typical but other than that , awful ergonomics, indifferent performance ( although light and turned sharply) ...build quality was nothing special ..in short I hated it...

Bike 2...definitely the heaviest bike on test..build quality and finish was probably the best of the bunch..need a bit of wrestling and the rear twin shock and single disc brake made it a bit difficult to ride fast...but it looked good, was very comfy ( a bit short between pegs and seat )..not bad, but not very sporty

Bike 3..confirmed my belief that for me it's the best of its type...everything was sharper ,sportier and more confidence inspiring ...seat is hard but the other ergonomics suit my size and shape perfectly...chasing and keeping up with a more powerful Thruxton R was all the proof I needed..

A great day out riding at someone else's expense, plus over £300 worth of Freebies and breakfast, lunch , coffee and rolls and a factory tour !!!!!
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Thanks for sharing. That´s what I was hoping to read.
Bike 2 sounds more like a touring bike for long rides or road trips. Great review! Did you take any pictures?
Sorry , no pictures as we were with R&D so they put stickers over smartphone lens and made us sign confidentiality agreement ...bike 2 was definitely a more sedate bike ..I'm sure many would like it , but it wasn't for me ....I'm pretty sure the XSR would do all that it does, plus it would be more lively ....hopefully our input will make future Triumphs more of a match ...all I know is that whatever our input was worth it was a top day out !!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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